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    2014. április 06.
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    Christmas Comes Early!

    Early Christmas Presents

    We, the staff, appreciate everything that every one of you has done to help this site start. We have over 350,000 torrents and 10,000 users, and we're growing more each day.

    As a thank you, we talked to Santa and convinced him to come a little early this year. Your presents?

    ** Invites, Buffer & Freeleech Tokens **

    Each current Power User will receive 3 invites, and each current Member will receive 2 invites. This is separate from the normal invite distribution starting at Power User, and is a singular event.

    Note: PU+ invite distribution happens on the 8th and 22nd of each month. If you did not receive an invite on the 8th for class advancement, you unfortunately missed the cut off point. You will, however, receive the appropriate set of invites on the 22nd.

    Each user will also receive an extra 4.5 GB towards their buffer. This also applies towards new accounts that open after this post (each new account will now start at 5 GB).

    Finally, each user will also be getting 25 tokens, to spend on torrents. This includes new accounts. However, this does come with some strings attached:

    The tokens will expire January 31st, 2017. If you don't use them before then, you lose them.
    There is a 2 GB file size limit. You will not be able to use them on anything larger.
    We have decided to ban collages and forum posts centered around the maximizing of file size freeleech token downloads and buffer trading. We feel this goes against the spirit of freeleech tokens: the pursuit of your own musical interests and exploration. Users should not feel they have to strategize the best possible use for tokens, or put off using them and possibly forget about them until it's too late. The best strategy is to use them soon for something you want to listen to.

    Other than that, we hope you enjoy.

    Note: While freeleech tokens do not affect your download, they may affect your required ratio. The required ratio wiki is not yet available, but the short advice is to keep seeding anything you download to get the maximum benefit out of it. For more information about these tokens, please look here

    To use these tokens, search for the torrent that you'd like. If it's under 2 GB, you should see the "FL" button, which allows you to use one token on that torrent to make it a personal freeleech for yourself. After clicking the "FL" and confirming, download the torrent normally.

    Here's what it would look like with the "FL" button (bordered with purple for emphasis, will not actually show purple):


    If you have any questions, please feel free to hop into our #pth-help channel on IRC.

    Christmas Trivia

    Some of our FLS team members are hosting a Christmas Trivia game. Read below for more info...

    Alright Ladies and gentlemen, as Christmas draws near, PTH has decided to give all of you a special opportunity to earn some nice Christmas gifts from None other than Father Christmas himself, Santa Clause. We will be hosting a Christmas Trivia on IRC. We will be serving up lots of eggnog and plenty of Christmas trivia questions for the night.

    Top 5 people that have answered the most questions correctly, will be given a wonderful Christmas gift from Santa and PTH!

    What type of questions? Christmas Movies, Christmas Music, Christmas History! Everything Christmas!

    1st Place - Custom Title, 3 Invites, 5 Freeleech Tokens
    2nd Place - 2 Invites, 4 Freeleech Tokens
    3rd Place - 1 Invite, 3 Freeleech Tokens
    4th Place - 2 Freeleech Tokens
    5th Place - 1 Freeleech Token

    Note: No "Participation Trophies" - Only the top 5 will receive prizes.
    Note: Prizes will be handed out within 24 hours.

    You must be a member of the site.
    This will not be a chatting channel. Be respectful and please keep chatting to a minimum. We are looking for answers without the clutter of mass people posting.
    The first person to answer the question correctly, with the correct spelling, will be marked as the winner for that question.
    After you have given your answer, please do not chat. We need to be able to see the other answers given.
    When we have called out a winner, please stop giving answers. That round is over.

    Note: Any violation of these rules can disqualify you from the game.

    If you will be connecting via a standard IRC application (non-web client), please add !Winner to your highlight/nick alert list. This trigger will let you know that a winner for the round has been called.

    Time: 6:00 PST (2:00 AM UTC)
    Day: Friday. December 16th, 2016 (December 17th UTC)
    Place: #ChristmasTrivia on irc.passtheheadphones.me (SSL port 7000)


    Happy holidays.

    Nala & the PTH Staff

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