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    2016. április 14.
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    The management group decided to immediately implement the following rules:

    1, the station black.

    2, the entire station to force the use of English interface.

    3, long-term no user delete number processing (tentative 2 months do not download delete number).

    4, VU and above ordinary members to protect 500GB seed, the monthly invitation to invite a friend; the working group 2 per month quota.

    5, prohibit any public places such as the site name, paste it, forums, including the invitation to prohibit the use of personal data screenshots invited to this site.

    6, all invited to empty.

    7, open siting system: A home cheating, felling trees, namely: A users and their next home, under the home of the next home, etc., all titles; B under cheating, cutting, B under the home and its next home Will be title, while A user warning 4 weeks; In addition, if the A user's home C also cheat, cut down the tree.

    8, novice assessment indicators change, see the corresponding page.