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    2016. április 14.
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    After many deliberations the new Hit And Run will ONLY check torrents that stopped seeding after 12AM server time. (36mins ago it started at the time of this post).
    The rules are the same:

    1. You need to seed 3 days any torrent you are downloading.
    2. Make 1:1 ratio per torrent. This IS NOT the global ratio. This is the torrent ratio. If you download 1GB torrent you need to seed back 1GB for that torrent.

    If you want to have immunity get VIP status.

    If you have problems with the two rules just use your Seeding Points and remove the warning yourself. You can do this accesing the COMPLETED TORRENTS section from you OWN user page. You can get there if you click your username anywhere on the site. There you will find the section and inside the section you will find at the very last column on the right a little thing called ZAP.
    ZAP will remove the warning from that torrent. ZAP will cost you 1000 Seeding Points per torrent.

    Anyone who will send PMs to the staff regarding this means he didn't read the information posted above AND/OR future forum topics and will get disabled!https://hon3yhd.com/pic/smilies/thumbsdown.gif

    p.s The warning limit was raised to 10 but in the future you will get account disabled and NOT download disabled. SO BEWARE!