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    2012. augusztus 24.
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    Having been an admin here for a while, and observing the behavior of site users, I feel it is high time to clarify what the rank of VIP does and does not entitle you to.

    What you get from VIP:

    1) Ability to download regardless of ratio
    2) Immunity to leecher status
    3) Warm fuzzies from supporting the site

    What VIP does NOT entitle you to:

    1) Downloading and not seeding back
    2) Downloading hundreds of torrents at a time with no seeding
    3) Being a dick to other users and staff because "you paid to get the best treatment"
    4) Ignoring rules and Staff direction. Staff have final say no matter what.

    Remember, VIP here gets you more than it does it on other sites, but it does not give you the right to abuse the site, or the staff. Despite your VIP rank, you still have a responsibility to follow the rules and treat your fellow users with respect.