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    2016. április 14.
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    Update on the site
    Latest news and updates!

    RIP What.CD, 2007 - 2016​

    Tomorrow it will be exactly one year ago that What.CD was taken away from us. Not only did we lose the world's biggest and best archive of high-quality music, we also lost an amazing community and a home for many music lovers. A large part of the community has chosen to rebuild the once huge archive here with us at Apollo.

    We want to thank every single person that helped make What.CD the amazing site it once was and we are forever grateful that What.CD paved the way for Apollo to thrive, we wouldn't be here if it weren't for them.

    What.CD 10-year anniversary mixtape

    A few weeks ago, the What.CD staff released an archive with a bunch of information from What.CD. This archive contained the entire What.CD wiki with a treasury of useful information and a database containing a huge amount of torrent metadata from the old site.

    We are working on some of the articles from that wiki in order to expand our own beyond what currently exists. With the kind help of one of our users, we now have all the similar artist data from What.CD imported to Apollo. We are still working on using the metadata to improve the quality of our own.

    HTTPs > HTTP Tracker Toggle​

    For people having problems with the HTTPS tracker, you can now choose to use the HTTP tracker as the default one! To switch, simply go to your profile settings and uncheck the box next to 'Use HTTPS Tracker'. After you have hit 'Save' on your profile settings, the default tracker URL will now be the HTTP tracker:

    For more regular updates on developmental progress and site implementations, please have a look at this thread! As soon as we implement any new features, they will be listed there.

    Rule 2.3.19 Has Been Updated​

    The embedded artwork in WEB releases have gotten bigger in the past few years so we have decided to follow in the footsteps of other sites, and your suggestions, to change the maximum size of embedded images from 512 KiB to 1024 KiB per file.

    Old rule
    2.3.19. Avoid embedding large images in file metadata. The combined size of embedded images and padding may not exceed 512 KiB per file…

    Improved rule
    2.3.19. Avoid embedding large images in file metadata. The combined size of embedded images and padding may not exceed 1024 KiB per file...
    Euterpe FLAC Challenge, the results​

    As of yesterday, the Euterpe FLAC Challenge has come to its end. Whether you made it to the leaderboard or not, we want to thank you for participating in this challenge, and with that, growing Apollo's library substantially! Given the huge success of this contest, we will be holding more contests in the future.


    • First place with 600 FLACs:
    • Second place with 507 FLACs:
    • Third place with 500 FLACs:
    • Fourth place with 464 FLACs:
    • Fifth place with 359 FLACs:
    • Sixth place with 310 FLACs:
    • Seventh place with 242 FLACs:
    • Eighth place with 185 FLACs:
    • Ninth place with 137 FLACs:
    • Tenth place with 130 FLACs:

    All winners should have a PM in their inbox regarding their prize.

    ~APL Staff​
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