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    Site updates
    As of 2018-01-01, the requirements for some of the lower classes shall be changing.

    Mouse rank (can't download, only seed) is any user below a 1.0 ratio, who isn't VIP or higher

    User rank is any member above 1.0 ratio, who has not qualified for Power User yet.
    Power user requirements is a 2.0 or higher ratio, with 25 GB upload (including bought with bonus points), and 4+ weeks on site.

    Also, as we prepare for an updated invite system, purchasing of invites on the old system has been disabled, as they won't be rolling over for non-donors into the new system.
    More info on this when the new system goes live.

    [1]: Once you have obtained the rank VIP, or higher. Should your ratio fall below 1.0, you will be put into the "seed only" state.
    As higher ranks come with higher responsibility, you not only have to fix your ratio, but also seed off any torrents that are H&R or Potential H&R to get out of this status.