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    2016. április 14.
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    After much heated discussion over the last couple of days between the sysop, admins, and moderators, it has been decided that all non-Asian HD media is to be uploaded to PrivateHD. As such, CinemaZ will no longer allow HD torrents but will instead allow all non-Asian SD content. This includes SD English shows being allowed. In short:

    AvistaZ for all Asian media (excluding anime and Asian porn)

    AnimeTorrents for anime

    CinemaZ for non-Asian SD content

    PrivateHD for non-Asian HD content

    YourExotic for Asian porn
    I believe this makes it easier to distinguish what content goes where rather than the current "non-mainstream" vs "mainstream" rules when it comes to English media. Also, CinemaZ's active userbase is relatively small (23k registered users, 55k seeds and 360 peers currently) compared to PrivateHD (41k registered, 156k seeds, and 2.4k peers right now) so if you consider the purpose of torrents is to make the media available to a wider audience, then moving the HD torrents to PrivateHD is likely to get them more views/downloads and keeping them alive.

    Uploaders here who do not have an account on PHD can message me here on the forums and I will send a PrivateHD invite to the email on your profile. However, note that PrivateHD is much stricter about quality control and does enforce naming conventions so please read their rules and forum sections. Of particular note:

    • Any user made RAW/REMUX/encode needs to go through their relevant forum approval section and conform to their specifications. Official scene/P2P group releases can be uploaded straight to the site provided they are not similar to an already existing torrent. Unknown rips without a group tag are generally not allowed (ask staff/moderator approval beforehand).
    • PrivateHD does have trumping rules. If a Bluray encode is uploaded, then all similar sized BRRip/BDRip/WEBRip/WEB-DL are deleted (assuming they all use the same video codec).
    • Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc. WEBRips are not allowed. iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and other subscription/paid sites are allowed.
    • Screenshots must be an exact match to MediaInfo stated dimensions.
    • Full MediaInfo is required, including the "General" section at the start. Any missing lines/sections will result in torrent deletion.
    • Torrent title needs to match "official" naming schemes: [title] [year/season/episode] [resolution] [rip type] [audio] [video]-[group]
    • I wrote an introductory naming guide a week ago, here: [removed link]

    This rule is not retroactive! All HD torrents uploaded until now will stay on CinemaZ and will not be mass deleted. But if uploaders want to move them to PrivateHD, then please do so (make sure it conforms to PHD's quality rules) them PM me the link to said torrent and an admin will remove the CZ version.

    If you have questions, post them here and I will try to answer them. Complaints are welcome but as the sysop/owner is in support of it, this decision will not be reverted.