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    2016. április 14.
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    Happy Birthday! (We're raising the user limit!)

    Since our last birthday, we have seen many significant changes in both PTP and the tracker community as a whole. Last year, the mammoth that was What.CD went down. Some sites are still vying to replace them as the Beyoncé of music trackers, few are likely to ever come close to its importance. Our brothers and sisters at TehConnection also took a tumble, and though at this point their recovery looks uncertain, we wish them all the best.
    Big changes have also taken place here at home, in particular on our staff team. Some of our most respected and long-reigning staffers have stepped down throughout the year.

    But PTP is strong as ever! And today we aim to become even stronger as we raise our user limit to 40,000! For the past several years PTP has had a very restrictive invite policy, primarily for security reasons. However, in the interest of creating a thriving community we've decided to relax that policy for now, and see how we fare. So hurry up and get your invites out now (but brush up on our invite rules first though!)

    A Celebration for the People of PTP
    Our monthly contest has just launched! This month is all about COMEDY and ROMANCE! It's part 2 of a double month contest that started in October, which means your October contest uploads still count!
    It is our largest prize pool yet, with prizes for our TOP 15 uploaders! Check out the prizes below!

    1st Place - A €150 gift certificate to Pulsed Media! + 30,000,000 points! + A Custom Title + One Year VIP!
    2nd Place - A €100 gift certificate to Pulsed Media! + 20,000,000 points! + A Custom Title + One Month VIP!
    3rd Place - A €75 gift certificate to Pulsed Media! + 15,000,000 points! + A Custom Title + One Month VIP!
    4th Place - A €50 gift certificate to Pulsed Media! + 10,000,000 points! + A Custom Title + One Month VIP!
    5th Place - A €25 gift certificate to Pulsed Media! + 5,000,000 points! + A Custom Title + One Month VIP!
    6-10th Places - A €20 gift certificate to Pulsed Media! + 2,500,000 points! + A Custom Title + One Month VIP!
    11-15th Places - A €20 gift certificate to Pulsed Media! + 1,000,000 points! + A Custom Title

    PTPimg Integration
    PTPimg is an image hosting site created by members of the torrent community, for members of the torrent community.
    We are pleased to announce that we now have an API setup with PTPimg to activate your new PTPimg account automatically!

    If you have NOT registered for PTPimg, and you need a place to store images for uploads here at PTP, you may register at https://ptpimg.me/register.php
    Once you have verified your email, it will ask for a code to link and activate your account. You may get that code from ptpimg.php

    If you already registered for PTPimg but never got your account activated, you must have the activation done manually. A few members of our staff have been given the ability to do PTPimg activations for you. You can send your activation code and PTPimg signup email in as a Staff PM titled "PTPimg Activation", we'll use the Staff PMs just to make it much easier to keep track of and organize.
    Your activation code is likely in your sentbox to kittenhat if you sent one, it looks like: 8e888da8-a000-4113-9999-b4b111144ec0. Please be sure to leave whitespace around the code so it's easier to copy. :tef344:
    If you do not have your activation code anymore, you may send just the email you used to register with, but that drastically will slow the process down for us.

    As always, we do not control PTPimg. Please be sure you keep your passwords separate and treat PTPimg as you would any other entirely separate entity, as they are. The purpose of this activation is to prevent unaffiliated people wasting the resources of PTPimg. It is for trusted community members only, of which PTP is the primary one. Please use the service fairly and responsibly!

    Picload.org will soon be banned for use on the upload page! Picload has slowly but surely started to remove accounts and images violating what they deem to be protected by copyright laws. Because this already has affected some uploaders, we can only assume it will affect more in the future, and therefore we have decided to take swift action and not rely on picload for the future. We encourage users to avoid the use of picload from this point forward. It is also recommended you make a backup of your picload account.

    FLS & Checker Picks
    As is tradition on our birthday, we offer a variety of freeleech picks, this time chosen by our Checker and FLS teams. These guys do far more work than any user ever sees, and today we want to honor them by letting them present some of their favourite films. These freeleeches will last for the next three days. Enjoy!

    Aloys [2016] by johnnydeep
    Let's be lonely together.

    And Then There Were None [2015] by L2

    Atonement [2007] by Kelsier
    Just watch it.

    Big Trouble in Little China [1986] by Korrug
    I grew up loving this movie and even as terrible as the effects are I still love it! Sadly, my mother hated it and destroyed my dad's VHS copy. but now we have PTP and it will survive forever.

    Brewster's Millions [1985] by Moonstruck
    Starring Richard Pryor and John Candy, you can only assume it's funny - and it doesn't disappoint!
    This is one of those movies you glance at and assume it'll derail quickly... But it's a diamond in the rough! Totally entertaining and a hilarious cast make it a total classic. Happy birthday PTP!

    Coherence [2013] by Stoyorn
    I watched this one without knowing what it was about, Was completely surprised and content.This goes easily in my top 3 movies of this genre. Happy bday PTP, may you outlive all of us

    Goodfellas [1990] by Gurdil
    Probably a bit of an uninspired pick, but also an all-around masterpiece of a gangster movie. Happy Birthday everyone!

    Hanna [2011] by uranium1
    The Devil is in the details. Few movies give me the same chill that Hanna does when she whistles.

    Kimi no na wa AKA Your Name [2016] by Siege
    I went into this movie knowing that it was well regarded and that it was somewhere in the romance genre. That's how I'd recommend you watch this. Don't look up anything more, don't read any plot intros. It absolutely exceeded any expectations I had of it and is, I think, my favorite anime movie ever.

    La Pianiste AKA The Piano Teacher [2001] by MoonRock
    I've watched this one recently, and I really enjoyed it. Isabelle Huppert is a great actress and this movie is really interesting and different from the normal stuff we see coming from Hollywood.

    Lian lian feng chen AKA Dust in the Wind [1986] by sunnighty
    The love, turn to dust, disperse in the wind.

    The Maltese Falcon [1941] by Wanderer
    If you lose a son, it's possible to get another. There's only one Maltese Falcon.

    Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World [2003] by Calibre
    This has somehow never been a staff pick before and I'm changing that right away. A wonderful naval warfare film that leaves you with a lasting impression. I'll read the books it's based on someday.

    Maynila sa mga Kuko ng Liwanag AKA Manila in the Claws of Light [1975] by disko
    Described by Martin Scorsese as ‘a brave and truly extraordinary picture’.

    Metro Manila [2013] by Darky
    Little known philippino movie that's definitely worth a watch

    Midareru AKA Yearning [1964] by nonshatter
    Naruse is underappreciated

    The Shining [1980] by Komic
    I want a remaster so bad, it's almost physically painful.

    Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope [1977] by vt
    The first film in the original Star Wars trilogy which started the great franchise. I also love and own the original movie poster artwork by Tom Jung
    Happy 9th Birthday PTP! Enjoy and Happy Downloading to all!!

    Witness for the Prosecution [1957] by leewee
    Really enjoy this movie. And it also gave me a unforgetable memory. Hope you love it.

    Wristcutters: A Love Story [2006] by F00D

    From all of us to all of you, with godspeed into our tenth year.

    PTP staff