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    2016. április 14.
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    For the fourteenth TM contest, we have:

    TM Contest

    Theme: "Robots"

    For the next week, all newly uploaded torrents with the tags robot, mecha.girl, mecha.boy, machine, doll.joints, and android are contest-qualifying.
    Users that upload at least 5 contest-qualifying torrents will receive a reward of:

    1000 nips per qualifying upload

    In addition, the top three users with the most qualifying uploads will respectively receive:

    The 1st place contest-winner badge
    The 2nd place contest-winner badge
    The 3rd place contest-winner badge

    As usual, adding contest-qualifying tags to uploads that don't warrant them will result in disqualification.

    While uploading scripts are always allowed, the TM host for this contest has left a note specifically encouraging their use.

    Keep up with the scores using the contest page!