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    2016. április 14.
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    Over the years THC's great members have created a one-of-a-kind database of all things horror, scifi, action, etc. Staff want to encourage this by providing a reward for bringing content to THC that aren't already on-site and making sure they're seeded for at least a minimum amount of time. This is not a contest, but a standing offer to all THC members for as long as this thread is visible.

    The Rules...

    - Upload a new movie that isn't currently on THC. Be sure to check DEAD torrents before uploading or your contribution may be disqualified.
    - Post your upload in this thread to be reviewed. Do not double-post. If your post is the last one in the thread and you've uploaded more content, edit your post to be clear which are newly added.
    - All contributions must be seeded for 1 MONTH to be eligible for this offer.
    - Must remain seeded for 1 month if snatched (not necessarily by you).
    - Must remain seeded per THC Rules if not snatched.

    The Rewards...

    - 2500 Karma* points for each upload meeting the requirements.
    - 2500 additional Karma if THC is the first place the movie has made it to the internet. I'm not a fan of exclusive releases, but first releases are great. This will be based on torrents I can see at other trackers.
    - That warm fuzzy feeling that you've contributed to one of the best places on The Net and warm regards from your fellow THC members**

    That's it. Pretty simple, right? Now go start uploading!

    *Extra rewards may be given for exceptional contributors or large, active torrents.
    **Warm regards subject to complaining without notice.