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    2016. április 14.
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    A Bit Of Clarity

    Orpheus will be music only
    On Apollo, applications, comic books, ebooks, comedy, audiobooks, and elearning videos were allowed alongside music torrents. However, Orpheus will be a tracker dedicated to music only. This means only music and content related to music, such as artist biographies, ebooks about learning to play instruments and elearning videos about music will be allowed. In addition to this, music related video, such as documentaries and concert films will be allowed at a later date that is currently undetermined.

    In the very near future, the rules will be officially edited to reflect these changes. Music on Video however, will need a lot of development before we can make it work. It will happen, but don't expect it in the near future.

    Athena made that announcement 8 months ago. It's been buried by newer announcements. Before we initially set out on launching Orpheus (the down time between Apollo's demise and the birth of Orpheus) we had the idea of turning the new tracker into a music only site. Once OPS was launched there were quite a few things that took precedent, namely, moving our members over to the new site, transferring the torrents from the old trackers, setting up IRC and a bunch of other things too numerous (and boring) to mention. The Rules from Apollo were transferred over as is with the idea of editing them once the dust settled.

    Over the course of 8 months we've made a few additions to the Rules but as the Staff came to realize, overhauling all the Rules and Wikis was a monumental task. To make a long story short, we've begun the rewrite. We plan to fill in the empty Wikis as we go along. Editing the Rules to reflect our intent to make Orpheus a music only tracker will take some time and I won't attempt to make a completion date.

    To lessen some of the confusion that's bound to spring up, let this next statement be somewhat of a guide for you:

    Only music, music-related ebooks, eLearning Books and applications are allowed on the site. The term "Music-Related" refers to the assistance, enhancement or examination of music. Music creation and editing, music tag manager, audio sampling and processing would be considered music-related applications.

    Audio Books related to music in the above categories are also acceptable. No Comics of any kind are allowed. Be sure of your Requests because your Bounty will not be returned if an improper Request is made. Improper torrents filling those requests will be deleted. If you're not sure about what is allowed you should use the Staff PM to find out.

    Your patience and understanding is appreciated. Thank you for hanging in there with us.

    The Staff of Orpheus

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