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    2016. április 14.
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    Password security — your account is your responsibility

    Yesterday, I helped a member recover their account, after someone guessed their password, changed the email address and took over the account. They were lucky, in that the usurper did not completely drain their buffer, choosing only to snatch a few GB of torrents before letting the account lay low for a while.

    This is the second time (that I am aware of) that such an incident has occurred on Orpheus.

    Allow me to reiterate the important criteria of a good password.

    • It must not be used anywhere else.
    • It must not be a word in any dictionary regardless of language.
    • It must not be a word followed by 123.
    • It should be long, 30 characters or more, ideally not limited to alphabetic characters only.
    • It should be generated through the use of strong random numbers.

    This is not easy to achieve; a very good approach is to use a password manager, or write it down on paper.

    Your account is your responsibility — take care of it.

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