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    2016. április 14.
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    Change of Naming Method of the Main Title of Torrents to 0day Naming

    Feedback has been received many times. It is not easy to retrieve and distribute the original title in Chinese and English. After discussion by the management group, it is decided to restore the 0-day naming method, which is basically consistent with the mainstream PT site rules at home and abroad.

    For specific rules, please refer to:
    Novice Tutorial Area - > [Tutorial] Torrent Main Title Naming Rules

    1. Rereleased from other PT resources, please keep all original files and file names unchanged;

    2. The main headings and subheadings are separated by spaces.

    3. The main title is named by 0 day method.

    4. The main heading should not appear in Chinese as far as possible, and the subtitles should include resources related information such as Chinese names of resources.

    5. File name and folder adopt 0day naming method.

    6. When rereleasing resources, if the above rules are not violated, in principle, the original title can be directly copied and pasted.

    The previous title naming method is no longer used, and everyone is welcome to seed or transfer.