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    2016. április 14.
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    New Site

    Dear members,

    TurkTorrent is back!

    You must be a NEW member to our new site !!!

    Click here to become a member!


    Welcome to our new site!

    Dear members,

    For reasons that we do not have, our servers with important data were destroyed.

    The server company had to shut down.

    When the site was closed, we saw it as an opportunity and decided to renew our site completely.

    We've renewed the site script and code, HTTPS, and many more innovations.

    We're sorry we're closed.

    In order to make up for a long time we decided to make releases as FREELEECH, which means GOLD torrents.

    Only UPLOAD will be processed, so you will have the opportunity to make plenty of ratios.

    There is a separate message for our VIP members, you can read it on our homepage.

    We've always been here, we'll always be here.

    TurkTorrent Management


    All torrents are Free and Double Upload between 10-10-2019 - 31-12-2019