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    2016. április 14.
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    We Are One Year Old


    It was a wild rollercoaster of a ride getting the the site set up, but we succeeded, and after a year we are still here. Now is the time to party, to participate in a contest, and listen to some lovely music our lovely donors have picked.

    Staff Movements

    Circumstances change, and sometimes people move on. The first person to thank, perhaps the most important, is B******. Without them, we would not have been able to use the backup that the Three Stooges (A, O and W) left lying around on their IRC server, and without that, it is unlikely the site would have succeeded. B****** also went on to build the system that allows people from trusted trackers in our referral program to create an account on Orpheus easily and with little fuss.

    The second developer to move on is w***, who created the highly useful Greeny tool, which was invaluable in helping refugees from the previous site to move their torrents here and get them seeding again,

    Withing the moderation team, M***** and T***** have also moved on, and we thank them for all their efforts in clearing out reports and keeping the site ticking over.

    We now have a new developer, k*****, who has already committed some patches to the repository, and some of their code will be released soon. Some of the goodies we have released in the past few months that you may already be aware of follow:

    Recent Features

    User Stats

    With the impressive work of B****** and Q******, we have added user stat tracking for Download, Upload, Buffer, Bonus Points, and Uploads (overall and perfect FLACs), and is shown in Daily, Monthly, and Yearly format. Unfortunately for Yearly, data collection started in June and we do not have statistics going back further than that that we'd want to try and incorporate into the site. These stats are available currently just for viewing for yourself, and can be seen by going to user.php?action=stats. We will be working to expose these more globally based on a user's configured paranoia settings.


    Configurable Navigation Bar

    Sick of seeing Random Album in the nav bar? Wish you could see a link to the Log Checker or Posts instead? You can now configure what links are shown in the navigation bar by going to your user settings and toggling them on/off. A word of warning is that some of the stylesheets are configured for a max number of links to be shown at one time.


    Torrent Details Show Flags

    A long requested feature has been to show the same flags about a torrent on the torrent page as we do on the browse page. We are pleased to announce that that is finally a reality, and as you browse torrent listings, you should see the flags like "Bad / Missing Checksum", "Reported", etc. next to the name, making the interfaces more compatible and not requiring clicking into a torrent group to view that information. An example is shown below:


    Birthday Contest


    What would a birthday party be without a contest? For our first birthday, we want... a shrubbery!

    We will also settle for a birthday card. Make up the bestest, funniest, beautifullest card and upload an image or photo of your creative efforts to the contest thread.

    After you have added your entry, add your user id (the number in the url of your profile page) and your username in the The First Birthday Contest. (If you are unfamiliar with editing wiki pages, remember that you need to click on the [Contribute] link.

    Doing so will help us award you your prizes!

    First prize: 1 Freeleech Pick, to be published at a later date and 80000 BP
    Second prize: 40000 bonus points
    Third prize: 20000 bonus points.

    Everyone else who enters will receive 3000 BP.

    Donor Picks

    And now, the moment you have been waiting for: some special music from our most special donors, who keep the site running.

    See them here

    Please note: the purpose of these picks is to allow you to discover music you may not wish to spend buffer, in order to listen to it. In keeping with that, only the lossless versions are freeleech.

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