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    2016. április 14.
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    From site's staff on their Facebook page:

    Hello everyone!

    Things are still running fairly smoothly, we are just waiting for the v2 upgrade of the script to become available as this will fix all those annoying bugs that we have at the moment (messages, profile editing, searchbox etc.).

    Some of you may have noticed that from time to time some of your files may show red for a while and have either error 503 or "cannot parse bencoded data". This is nothing to worry about (and there is no need to report it as a bug...w...e know!)
    In order to reduce the risk of overloading (and crashing) when the site is particularly busy the tracker is set to skip some of the announces in favour of loading the site pages, that is all. The errors will only be temporary and they should resolve on the next announce, or as soon as the site traffic dies down. The bonus point system is more generous on the new site and this will offset any slight inconsistancies with your stats.

    I will continue doing passwords as and when work and sleep will allow. Most of you are back in now, but for those who are still needing a reset here are some simple steps to follow:

    1) Do not put your account details or email addresses in the comments of any post on this page...they are private and should be sent in a private message (unless you particularly want your email being spammed by bored trolls!)

    2) Do include your username (or as many guesses as you like if you can't remember)...I am excellent at tracking down accounts, but I still haven't worked out how to do so with only your FB name to go on!

    3) Do include the email address that you originally signed up with...particularly if you have forgotten your name!.

    4) Optionally you can give me an 8 character minumum password ....otherwise I will assign you one that you will need to keep for a while until profile edits are possible again.

    5) Be patient...depending on the time of day it could be as much as 12 hours before I am availabe to answer. Usually is sooner and sometimes within minutes, but if you send your message just as I have gone to work then you will need to wait!

    6) Read and follow the instructions in my reply for a trouble free log in!

    Have a great weekend folks!