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    2016. április 14.
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    Help us reach 100% Donations for November and December

    Heya all,

    We are 3 days from the end of the month and have only reached just over 50% of the donation total. We always ask that if you have found something you cant find elsewhere, or if you just enjoy our community consider helping us keep the lights on!

    We would just like to ask that you have a quick look at the donation total every month, and if its behind that you consider a small donation. We rely on donations to pay all the bills and there is no such thing as a small donation, every donation adds up.

    We just have to reach 100% each month to pay the bills and put a little away for backup for bad months/server upgrades. We know November and December are bad months for everyone and there are a lot of holidays and loads to spend but if you have a small amount to spare please consider helping out.

    We currently have a 3x donation credits running which we dont run very often so if you ever wanted to help out, November and December is the time to do it!

    Its really easy to donate and you only need to contact T***** 1 time to get the info. We know its 1 simple extra step, but we do so to keep everyone safe, and it really is super easy :tef293: