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    2016. április 14.
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    New Tracker Software

    A decision was taken late last night, 12th February, after a full day of testing and amending the new XBT tracker to work with the current software, to leave the test install running.

    Although it is not yet perfect, and there are some parts that are not fully operational, this should completely solve the overloading problem that we have been battling for the last 4 months. You should now be seeing all torrents connecting promptly and properly!

    For the more technically minded, the tracker is now dealing with a little over 3 times the number of requests per second than previously (200+), and doing it at a very much reduced load on the server. It is now registering an extra 100,000 peers, with a total of over 320,000. This is a very good result, and well worth the time and money and effort that has gone into it.

    The consequence of this is that all your torrents will be green (or blue!) and you will connect and download/upload normally, with none of the delays that we have become used to. The problems that we know about are seeding numbers reporting, active torrents reporting, and bonus point accrual. The bulk of the work is complete, and these problems will be worked on in the coming days and weeks.

    Thank you all again for your perseverance with this. Now, fingers crossed, we can all put this particular chapter of TVChaos behind us and start concentrating on building it again into the number one UK TV goto site!