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    2016. április 14.
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    There have been several notifications that IPTV/VOD Live TV channels and on Demand channels are not working. When making any reports for any channels, please don't just say "It's not working". There is quite a large list of channels so just by saying "It's not working" makes it difficult to help members. So when reporting any channels give the specific channel so it can be looked into, when not providing the channel it will not be checked out due to the enormous amount of channels. Some of the things you yourselves can do is try resetting your devices, i.e. modem, router, close your apps out and reopen them. Download a fresh file from SceneTime.

    Example or reporting a channel would be like this
    US:XFL 06
    VN:Channel News Asia |SD
    US:ESPN News | HD
    US:NBC News Now | SD

    Click to report Live TV problems

    Buffering issues, Click HERE