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    2016. április 14.
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    Take a sip of lemon juice in the hot summer!
    We have a dream to build a dolphin. We want to build a very unique site, a site that can drive the entire Chinese pt circle, and everyone will be moved and proud of it. In the process of leading to this goal, we need a lot of thinking and a thorough understanding of the conditions and factors necessary for success.

    As a music station, a site that has never been in our circle, we may not be doing bad, but is it enough? I think the difference is far. In this country with the largest population in the world, why does it have such a level of football team? I believe many people will think of two words: environment. Yes, we lack such an environment. Similarly to music, if you compare the development level of the Chinese-language altar and the audience to the age of a person, maybe he has just entered puberty. For many countries with mature music, we are still very immature. In such a circle, how can we be the site of our dream? This is worth thinking about, exploring, trying, and fighting.

    Once upon a time, we began to close the country, and once again, we reopened the country. Yes, I believe that any Chinese-speaking user with black hair and yellow skin will never forget that humiliating history, but remembering history is not the goal, but the key is to absorb nutrients from it. Whether for the country or for people, learning from each other will always make us better, and when we are not smart enough or even conceited, we may forget this.

    A comprehensive station-Lemon (LeagueHD), which opened half a year later than the Dolphins, will hold a half-month Qixi festival music event "July" from 8.1. I am honored that the little dolphins participated in their activities. Drink Started with lemon juice! At Lemon Station, I believe that many little dolphins are familiar with this name in the past six months. It also has a humane management, and the atmosphere is very relaxed. They focus on the original, and their survival is much more friendly than ours (smile). During the conversation of this cooperation, we also felt their vigor and humanistic concept. One of their managers said: "For us, the resources sent by users are in demand. We take the needs of users First.” That’s why they have become a very active site with 25,000 torrents and very active members in half a year since they opened the site in January.

    This cooperation is a very good attempt, and it is also very meaningful. It is even the first time in my memory that a domestic site has conducted such a cooperation. I believe everyone will raise a glass for this! There are a lot of young and energetic users at Lemon Station. During this cooperation, there are mainly two cooperation items:
    1. Their music section has just been opened for less than a week. We have conducted some discussions on music rules, hoping to help them better manage music resources, and also hope that users can better regulate some basic music habits and common sense.
    2. In terms of activities, as long as the users who have issued 50+ compliant torrents in the "Chinese Valentine's Day" event of the Lemon Station, while enjoying their own site rewards, if they have the intention, they can apply for a dolphin invitation, hoping that this can drive more friends participate in this music seeding activity.

    It is hoped that through this cooperation, more users in this circle can start to come into contact with music and understand music, whether it is for dolphins or lemons, this is worthy of joy, and it is believed that there is also an understanding of music by the friends in the circle. Actively!

    If you have not entered the lemon station, you can go to the official invitation thread of the lemon station
    [OFFICIAL] LeagueHD (LHD) to apply for entry~

    ♫ DIC Working Group