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    2016. április 14.
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    There are two ways to become staff here and help out daily :

    The first is how most start including myself ,
    Now what is a editor ?
    Their job is making all these torrents look appealing to the members Eye .Many torrents dont come with all the info you see that is put there by a editor .this is a thankless job that is grueling and can get boring BUT if you want to get your first look at what happens behind the scenes of a site of this size, and maybe move up the ladder one day this is the place to start .
    post here to ask to help with editing

    The second is
    Are your former staff somewhere
    There are many of you that might have staffed before!
    If so pm me (Blurple) be descriptive in your pm I want to know sites/duties/nicknames and any qualifications you might have .

    There are several of us that have been around a Long time under, a few different nicks that will be talking about promoting you ,so dont feel the need to name drop unless you can back it up WE WILL CHECK ...

    You will start as a editing mod. your first 2 weeks to a month will be editing under a mod status while helping in the forums and proving yourself, if you make it out of probation status you will be a full blown mod and get IPTV/VOD for free .
    And get to offer advice on how the site might move fwd .

    We are currently looking for
    3 editors
    2 mods for the( upload team)
    2 mod for the (site support team )
    1 highly qualified mod for the (edit team )must master editing

    so what U got ?

    - - - Updated - - -

    Ok so many of you are aware there was a major bust in the piracy scene recently .A major release group was targeted and some people talked it seems .
    More can be read here -- https://torrentfreak.com/sparks-piracy-busts-facts-rumors-fear-point-to-something-huge-200827/

    Now the main question many of you have is how does this effect me and my activity on SceneTime .

    The simple answer is IT DOES NOT at this point effect you directly unless you are waiting for uploads from SPARKS, GECKOS, DRONES, ROVERS and SPLiNTERS release groups .These groups are now in hiding as are many others so many common uploads might be slow or non existent for a short time,this happens every few years .

    The shake down was at the top of the food chain which we are no were near the top,
    the scene explained here https://www.scenetime.com/forums.php?action=viewtopic&topicid=6193&page=1
    The people targeted are the one who release the very first copy of something we all grab down the line on a site somewhere on the nets .

    At this point the government is not coming for you as a result of these arrest,s lol .

    BUT now would be a great time to look into seedboxes and or Vpn,s more info can be found here -- https://www.scenetime.com/forums.php?action=viewforum&subforumid=11&forumid= 116

    To use a good analogy they just busted a major cartel and we here at SceneTime are the people who purchase 10$ bags ,they dont want us yet they want the source. .

    The torrent scene has undergone many years of bust,s /take downs/and leaks BUT we are still here .

    Now dont get me wrong ,we are by no means safe doing what we do here at Scenetime , so you should take every precaution you think you need to take to keep yourself safe IE: vpn-seedbox-Ftp-remote server- but using a private site is always more secure then using public sites as long as you use measure,s to protect yourself .

    If anyone has questions about how to keep yourself safe, feel free to post in this thread and the staff and our great members will help you through measure,s on how to do so .

    We are all in this together so lets pitch in and help everyone be safe getting the uploads they Want.

    If you have what you feel is a safe procedure to grab stuff daily or weekly pleeeeease post here so other,s may learn from you and your experience feel free to post links to VPN,S/ seedboxes /FTP clients