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    2016. április 14.
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    CONTENT OR.......

    ............... LACK OF IT|||

    Yes we are aware of a lack of content being uploaded currently by the bots, there is a reason for this but firstly this is a great opportunity for YOU to improve your ratios by uploading and/or seeding/reseeding your torrents.

    The reason for this slow down in content, I believe, is the recent actions taken against the Scene and its top tier dumps/sites.

    Outlined in an article here: https://torrentfreak.com/the-scene-a-stress-headache-that-most-pirates-can-do-without-200906/

    and here: https://torrentfreak.com/scene-bust-triggered-historic-drop-in-pirate-releases-200904/

    So we apologise and we do hope normal service will be resumed soon.