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    2016. április 14.
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    Need staff now

    There are two ways to become staff here and help out daily :

    The first is how most start including myself,
    Now what is an editor ?
    Their job is making all these torrents look appealing to the members Eye. Many torrents dont come with all the info you see that is put there by a editor. This is a thankless job that is grueling and can get boring BUT if you want to get your first look at what happens behind the scenes of a site of this size, and maybe move up the ladder one day this is the place to start .
    post here to ask to help with editing .

    The second is.
    Be active in the forums and chat helping your fellow members out. This can be done by offering help with computer issues, iptv issues or just general site navigation help, the more you help the more staff sees you and you just might get offered a mod position.
    If you do get offered a mod position, you will start as an editing mod. your first 2 weeks to a month will be editing under a mod status while helping in the forums and proving yourself, if you make it out of probation status you will be a full blown mod and get IPTV/VOD for free.
    And get to offer advice on how the site might move fwd.

    We are currently looking for
    3 editors still need 2
    Possibly 1 experienced mod to help with daily dutys around the site

    so what U got?
    post here or pm B*** for more Info