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    2016. április 14.
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    A message from the staff at MTV !!!

    We're back, we're sorry we were gone so long, new site/tracker code, blame G****, and report bugs!

    After an unplanned planned hiatus, we would like to welcome back all the community of MoreThanTV. Our domain needed to be changed to MoreThanTV.me, but we're still the same peeps. We would like to formally apologize for the abrupt disruption in service. Our intention was to slowly implement the transition from Gazelle to Luminance, but outside factors (read: G****) forced our hand. Massive Kudos to our development team to jump to the task and get the database moved over and our tracker working on Luminance. Without these devs, MTV's future would have been practically non-existent. So give them all some cheers in the forum!

    Before trying to log in, please perform a password reset using the existing email address that you used, on the NEW site. If you have any problems, hop onto #mtv-help on this IRC network with your old MTV username, and we'll see what we can do. Do not request an account, we are not recruiting any new members until further notice.

    The move to Luminance has had it's stumbling blocks, but our new lead developer, C***, has smoothed over most of the rough edges. That said, there will be many bugs along the way. So we need you, the users, to help catch em! Anything that looks out of the ordinary or does not function as previously, PLEASE HIT THE REPORT BUTTON and help us squash those bugs.

    Things that are working currently: IRC, Notifications, Forums/Polls, Wiki, Slots (NEW!), 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) (NEW!) Important note: If you use IRC, you will need to register your nick, because the IRC Auth server will be enabled soon. This will be a requirement in order to use our IRC server.

    Below is a list of upcoming features and their prospective ETA:

    IRC Auth Server - 1 week Torrent and Tracker stuff - End of October Sonarr and Radarr Integrations - End of Year

    Seedpoint/Credit System with Market - "I'll look into it when I have time to work on 'nice to have' features, but my gut says it'll be too heavy" - C***

    BUG REPORTING - Again we encourage all users to report any bugs found. That said, please make sure you read and don’t duplicate previously reported bugs. The main bug report thread is listed on the Announcements page on the new MTV site.

    Reminder, we will always have sitewide freeleech! Be sure to fill out the welcome poll and await further announcements.

    //MTV Staff