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    2016. április 14.
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    November torrents update

    Hi all!

    So we've just passed the end of the month and no torrents! What gives?!

    We'd like to apologize for the delay, but considering the length of the downtime we feel this is one of those things where it is far more important to do it right, than to do it quick.

    Going forward, the rough timeline is as follows:

    • Early November: Loading the torrents into the database (at this point you will see your torrents go online again in your clients)
    • Mid November: Behind the scenes stuff to get staff working on torrents, correcting metadata and so on
    • Late November: Browsing (and downloading!) enabled for everybody else
    • After this: Uploading enabled
    • Later still: Integration with the various automation tools around

    We plan on providing smaller updates throughout as we reach the various steps, so check the front page regularly to stay on top of what's happening!

    Finally, we are now also starting to handle disabled users so if you have a friend or aquintance who has been disabled due to inactivity with the last year or so, you may let them know this and have them attempt to recover the password - depending on the user's situation they will either be handled automatically or referred to IRC for manual handling.

    Discuss here: Thread: November torrents update