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    2016. április 14.
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    Hi Everybody!

    With some of the minor changes coming to the site. Staff has thought to get input from our loyal users. Since OVH has been dragging their feet getting up our new servers, we're focusing our efforts in some prep work. I assure you the support tickets are in and we have our best hamsters on the case. In the meanwhile, other teams of the staff have been developing features that users have been inquiring about. This post is to gauge, should we change any of the user class names? If so, what is your suggestion? We have come up with a couple related to the film/tv industry. We would love our users input, so please comment your suggestions.

    Remember they have to sound like their on the same level. EX an Extra wouldn't be an Engineer level. To make it easy, each class has a number below assigned. When you post your suggestion, please post it as
    Runner 10 > Extra
    Grip 30 > Cat Member
    Camera Op 30 > I like this one!

    Runner 10 > Extra / Makeup Girl / Master Handshaker

    Grip 20 > Roadie / Cast Member

    Key Grip 30 > Best boy / Electrician / Suggestions?

    Camera Op 40 > ?

    Boom Op 50 > ?

    Gaffer 60 > Film Buff / Talent Scout / ?

    Engineer 70 > ?

    Donor 80 > Investor ?