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    2016. április 14.
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    Good News Everyone!

    We've had many ups and many downs but we're back to bring you the juicy news. OVH has taken a long while to deliver, but finally we have our development servers back online. This means we have completed quite a bit of progress on our upload page. To start we will have multiple roll-outs in the coming days for our internals and staff only. Once we work out the kinks and ensure the uploads are functioning as expected, the page will be released to all users. Prepare to release your uploads in a few weeks, provided there are no major bugs. However during that time as previously stated... internals will be releasing again!! During this phase, we will also be working on getting all of our auto upload bots working with our new systems. Expect to see the TV routine to get back to normal soon enough. I hope this has been a happy update for those of you reading.

    P.S. Ensure you set your IRC authentication in your user security tab, otherwise you will no longer be able to access the MTV irc main or announce channel (which is now open to the userbase! See Thread: IRC Auth if you have not set up auth yet).

    A now a word from our internal release team!

    Greeting to fellow members of MTV! It's been a while since MTV's back and forth issues. We are happy to announce we will be a part of the internal team to rejoice in the renovation of MTV working together with TEPES. And thanks to the wonderful staffers of MTV to make it happen. [​IMG]
    Everyone, please give a warm welcome to the new internal team E.N.D here.

    The E.N.D is here!

    E.N.D was founded on 31st October 2018 with a small friends group and started locally and slowly we enlarged our tree and spread it everywhere and here we are in to fill in the void of animes and animation on MTV.

    E.N.D is solely focused on animes and animations. We currently cover Blu-ray Remux, Blu-ray encodes, WEB-DLs.
    We are open to taking requests if you have any desired anime or animation you would like and all of our releases will be backed up so requesting reseed or PM'ing the uploader for reseeding can be done too.

    User: F*
    K*** (M** currently)

    Current members:
    User: a*
    User: A*
    User: A*
    User: H*
    User: N*
    User: R*
    User: T*

    E.N.D Torrent Collage: E.N.D

    If there are any issues regarding E.N.D, send me a PM : F*

    Wishing for everyone's good health, stay safe,

    Discussion: Thread: We're back baby