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    2016. április 14.
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    A minor update folks. Things are progressing on the back end (a bit slower than we hoped for but life happens). But there have been many hidden and back-end changes in recent weeks. We're in the process of branching out to where we can to disperse the work flow properly in order to get some good development happening.

    If you have not yet enabled 2 factor authentication on your user/security page, please do so. You may notice a few or a lot of PMs titled "security alert received". This is due to bad actors making a damn good effort at brute forcing user accounts on not only MTV but other trackers as well. There was no data leak and our information is safe. They are just trying every possible combination to attain access to user accounts. We urge everyone to not only have a secure, long, unique to MTV password, but also to enable 2FA to ensure your account is safe.

    It is much easier for you to add and use 2 factor auth than it is for you to attempt an account recovery on a hacked account. Please keep this in mind.

    Our final topic for this announcement is in regards to torrents.php. We are aware of the issue and are working on it. Until this issue is resolved please use log.php to search for your torrents. You may need to use . (periods) instead of spaces for title searches as log.php was not built for heavy usage. We assure you everything is okay, these are just minor growing pains as we work out some kinks on the system.

    We appreciate your understanding.