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    2016. április 14.
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    Modified 2.1.2 to require 4 screenshots instead of 3, with additional clarifications and additions:
    2.1.2. All game descriptions must contain at least 4 screenshots. Screenshots must be an overall representation of gameplay and should use the same resolution. Uploaded images must use one of the whitelisted image hosts. Images should not be watermarked by third parties.
    More Info:
    Game groups are designed around screenshots being in multiple of fours. For some time, we had already used 4 empty screenshots fields to be filled by default, but we're now explicitly requiring 4 screenshots for all game groups instead of 3. We're further clarifying that screenshots should overall represent gameplay, as opposed to displaying static images of title screens, game menus, and so on. While this hasn't been an issue for most groups, there were odd cases where screenshots couldn't really indicate how the game actually looked. This does not mean that all images need to directly show active gameplay, just that overall, screenshots should represent what playing the game actually looks like.

    We're also introducing a "softer" requirement for screenshots to use the same resolution, which was previously more of an informal guideline. Having images with wildly different resolutions and even aspect ratios isn't too pleasing aesthetically, and uploaders should generally be able to find images that are the same size.

    Finally, we've also clarified that official watermarks by the game developer and publisher — as opposed to third-party watermarks from unrelated sites or individuals — are allowed to be uploaded, although ideally images would come without any watermarks at all.