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    # IYUU Mid-Autumn Festival Event Preview

    As the Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, the IYUU management team decided to hold the first essay solicitation event to bring joy to everyone by promoting the festival culture in such a way.

    ## Activity time:

    September 16th-September 20th 0:00 submission period, September 20th 19:00 review period, September 20th 20:00开奖

    ## Activity purpose:

    active holiday atmosphere, giving love to research Experts in technology provide more opportunities for pit stops.

    ## Activity rules:

    1. Write an IYUUPlus hands-on tutorial;
    2. The tutorial must be well-organized, well-organized, easy to understand when reading, and operable;
    3. The content of the tutorial can be installation tutorials and usage of different systems Tutorials, etc.;
    4. Blogs ( https://www.iyuu.cn/ ), warehouses ( https://github.com/ledccn/IYUUPlus ) without tutorials or better will be a bonus.
    5. Suggested tutorial format: Markdown, pdf, doc, html and other formats.
    6. Write a prize wish list at the same time, fill in in order: first wish, second wish, third wish, etc.

    ## Activity prizes:

    invitation: 10 islands, 10 empty, 10 U2, 10 friends, My Fort 20, a large number of steamed buns and other stations;

    privileged status: Dolby Moon VIP, Platinum Jiayue VIP, etc.


    计划### Phase 1: Contribution period

    Contestants participating in the event must pack the [Tutorial] and [Prize Wish List] into ZIP format within the specified time (September 16-September 20 0:00) and send it to QQ: 367013672

    ### Second Stage: Review period: The jury

    will score the tutorial; the lowest score is 0 points, the highest score is 100 points;

    ### The third stage: prizes are issued

    by the event host, according to the scores from high to low, in order to issue invitations or privilege identities;

    When an invitation is issued, it will be distributed in order according to the order of the wishlists filled out by the participants of the event.

    # Thanks for the list of

    gost, island owner, little phoenix, etc.