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    2016. április 14.
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    Important Notice

    It has come to our attention that a considerable number of users are abusing the immunity perk which provides immunity from automated hit and run warnings. Rule 2.1.1 states “This is a sharing community. As you download, you are required to share back your part”. As such, we are issuing the following clarification.

    Users must understand that the HnR perk merely provides protection from automated warnings/bans. It is a gesture of good will from us to provide you with peace of mind for periodic cases when you cannot seed, such as server crashes, traveling, or wanting a movie for your hotel room.

    Likewise, we expect you to act in good faith towards this community. The perk is certainly not a license to habitually pump and dump this tracker’s content. Effective immediately, staff will issue a manual warning to any user who accumulates excessive HnRs. We will permanently ban anyone whom we discover to be subsequently continuing in such behaviour.

    The best way to keep us and the community happy is to behave in a reasonable manner and maintain an average seedtime of at least seven days.

    Best wishes,

    Blutopia Staff