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    2016. április 14.
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    We have some updates... at least I think we might. No way to tell if this is April fools or not. Better have a look around and see :tef344:

    Further Metadata Gathering
    Add applicable links for IMDb · TMDB · TheTVDB · TVmaze
    Ability to search NEW uploads by the TVDB or IMDB IDs
    Add applicable Airdates (BETA)
    Add Show Genres (BETA)
    Add MPAA Ratings (BETA)
    Auto fetch and re-host Banners and posters
    Bug Fixes
    Display related torrents for Seasons/Episodes/Shows on the group page
    Pre-implmentation for show pages shows/92823
    Improve MediaInfo Flags
    Synopsis for applicable torrents (Season, Episode, and Overall Show/Movie synopsis)
    Ability to filter and download on show pages
    Show page organization
    Show page metadata details added
    BBCode Title Purchases from the bonus shop
    Bonus shop improvements
    Fix bbcode buttons on torrent edit page
    Cookie improvements and fixes Om Nom Nom
    Snappier torrent pages
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