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    2016. április 14.
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    ... Okay maybe it's only okay news. We finally are able to support UTF 8 encoding emoticons.

    Plus!! We have opened uploads to everyone at or above Key Grip user class. There will still be portions of the site, most specifically torrents, certain metadata, and torrent features that will come along soon to greatly improve torrent search functionality. However torrents are in a solid state where we have the basic metadata gathering. Enough so to allow easier uploads. We can't forget that downloads now work via the new api.

    But wait! There's more! Batch downloads on all torrent group pages!

    Okay fine, UTF encoded emoticons were always allowed. However we are super cereal regarding the API. It's fresh off the press and ready for testing! Meaning you can now enable 2 factor authentication from your user/security page and still download via the API. The API should be able to download most shows while we work out some of the bugs. There will be a few shows here and there that may not, those shows will likely not have IMDB or TVDB info attached.

    As always if you find any bugs please report them to Forum: Bug Reports because the API is still in beta but we just couldn't wait to share it with the community.

    To enable your API usage:
    Go to user/security
    2. Under API Keys, add a description (i.e. Sonarr) to 'New API Key Description' and click Generate.
    3. Go to Sonarr/Radarr/Medusa (v3) > Settings > Indexers
    4. Show Advanced in the top left corner. (Only for sonarr & radarr)
    5. Click the [+] button.
    6. Click the Torznab button. Image: Show
    7. Insert details Image: Show. You may also check RSS if you want to periodically poll MTV.
    Name: Whatever
    URL: https://www.morethantv.me
    API PATH: /api/torznab
    API KEY: Value from your /user/security page