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    2016. április 14.
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    End of April News

    You may have noticed that we broke records in terms of news this month!
    So here's one last point:

    • The few instabilities due to a misconfigured backup proxy seem resolved, so ABN is more resilient and stable than before
    • A method of donation by PayPal or Skrill has been implemented by allowing ABN members to act as an intermediary by receiving a member's donation and transferring it as a crypto donation to the site. Details can be found here. No more excuses!
    • The staff has grown, you will find on the wiki the brief presentation of the whole team with the distribution of responsibilities
    • Requests are streamlined to be easier to fill and track. Be as specific as possible when making a request, you will increase your chances of success! The new rules are here .
    • The upload rules are being overhauled: the releases must now be in a media folder (video, game, book...) + nfo, with the files named in the name of the release. This is to standardize the site as best as possible so that everyone can find their way around more easily.
    • The mods did an admirable job of picking up hundreds of torrent submissions (especially those that dated back to V1 and often failed to transfer). Many thanks to them! Don't hesitate to point out any presentations that are still bad.
    • A thank you button has been added to the torrent pages to thank uploaders for their work, with each torrent comment sending a notification to uploaders who cannot read all their notifications as they receive so many (at the risk of leaving important messages slipping through). 'as for lack of having seen them among the many notifications they already receive)
    ABN keeps on going! Next news in less than 30 days