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    2014. augusztus 31.
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    Hi all,

    We have decided to add new rules regards to our invite forum section, please read the message carefully.

    In light of the recent scandal event that has been released that the owner of these sites (they all share a common owner) and it staff members included, they have been engaged in extreme reprehensible activities, which include trading, stealing of peer and donation extorting (randomly disabling users account an ask for donation to enable), this is beside the DDoS attacks in few tracker sites (BTN, PTP & SCC).

    For those who want to find out more details about this, search for it yourself, we are in no means have part in this, nor we will include any links to the (doxxing).

    We urge our users to not be part of such site(s) for your own safety, stay away from IPT, do not support them in any means, this includes donation, content, seeding, or tracker activity of any kind, and certainly do not recommend any of the site(s) bellow to your friends or anyone what so ever.

    As of this moment, anyone attempt to open a new post about the following site(s), will result to immediate warning and invite rights revoking:

    * IPTorrents
    * TorrentDay
    * SceneTime
    * Speed.cd
    * TorrenTing
    * Deildu