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    2014. augusztus 31.
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    Joseph Riggio GB



    SALES PAGE: http://www.amiando.com/MSRNFIV.html

    Price of programme recordings is 2500 Danish Krone, which is around $420 (US Dollars)

    Your Implicit Self: Awakening Sensory & Situational Awareness

    3-Day Training with Dr. Joseph Riggio

    Your Implict Self: Awakening Sensory & Situational Awareness is specificially designed to provoke a profound transformation in the participants who attend ...

    The basis of all awareness is embodiment ... or as Martin Heidegger put it: "Being in the World"

    The ability to create outcomes on your own and with others requires you to first become radically, profoundly aware of being in world ... noticing for what is happening in and around you, what we call (soma)Sensory and Situational Awareness. There is a path to the art of personal leadership ... i.e.: creating high-quality performances on your own and with others, and it looks like this:

    • State Control.
    • Perception.
    • Sense-Making.
    • Decision-Making.
    • Taking Action.

    The entire process rests first on being aware of your state expereince and then to take control of it and direct it so you remain able to access readiness to act. Before you can act effectively however you must be able to perceive, access and respond mentally to the situations you find yourself facing ... regardless of whether these situations are personal, in relationships with others, acting in a group, leading a team or running a business/organization/institution.

    In these two and a half days with Dr. Joseph Riggio, Master NLP Trainer and the Architect & Designer of the MythoSelf Process and SomaSemantics you will develop the ability to remain highly focused and present to what you are experiencing on the inside internally and how that informs you about what is happening on the outside externally. This an extremely rare skill to possess and the essence of high peformance and personal leadership. There are few who possess this ability and fewer still who can guide to possessing it for yourself, Joseph is one of those rare guides.

    This program is intentionally very limited in size so that Joseph can work with each person who attend individually and personally. You will have the opportunity to experience your own unique style of processing soma-sensory and soma-semantic information directly with Joseph's direction and input. Then you'll have the chance to practice and refine what you learn in small group exercises that Joseph will demonstrate and oversee.

    Another benefit to this program is you will gain tremendous insight into how others embody their experience along with the ability to elicit and access their process of doing so. Once you have modeled their unique personal process you will be develop the ability to utilize that process to set a direction with and for others as a leader, coach, consultant, advisor, parent or friend. These skills are inherent to what it is to be human and universal, and once you've been exposed to how this process works it will become immediately obvious to you how powerful it is and how you too can use it in your life.


    Joseph will begin on Tuesday eveing outlining the next two days of the program, offering you the background to the program structure and substance, demonstrating the material we will be working with and answering any of your questions about the power of soma-sensory, soma-semantic and situational awareness in your life.


    On Wednesday morning we'll meet at 9:30 AM for coffee, tea and snacks before beginning officially at around 10:00 AM. We'll begin by jumping right into the material physically by working in and from your embodied expereince. The execises on this day are designed to enliven your sense of yourself and how you process internal and external information. We'll work in groups on exploring how awareness shows up in the way we move and act, and how it influences our decision-making process leading to the results we produce. You'll also have the chance to work with others in utilizing their process and helping them to improve as you learn by being yourself. We'll finish up around 5:30 PM.


    We'll begin again at 9:30 for coffee, tea and snacks and start right around 10:00 AM "officially" with the program, starting with a look at how we organize our behaviors. Then we'll break for lunch again around 1:00 PM and in the afternoon we'll cover behavioral responsiveness and integration. This day will be devoting to integrating and incorporating the material we covered on Wednesday. We will extend the idea of awareness into the domain of the autobiographical narrative, or your life story, and how that shows up in your body ... i.e.: how you move and approach acting in the world. We will use this learing to begin exploring how to uncover the hidden aspect of the life stories we encounter in others and how we can access and use that information in our interactions with them. Depending on the group and Joseph's mood we'll either end around 4:30 PM or continue a bit later.

    Tuesday, 4 Nov:
    • 18:30 PM - Dinner w/Joseph, Participants & Assistant Trainers.
    • 20:00 PM - Group Session w/Joseph.

    Wednesday, 5 Nov:
    • 9:30 AM - Coffee, Tea & Snacks.
    • 10:00 AM - Program Officially Begins.
    • 13:00 PM - Lunch.
    • 14:30 PM - Exploring Outcomes.
    • 17:30 PM - Finish Up for the Day.

    Thursday, 6 Nov:
    • 09:30 AM - Coffee, Tea & Snacks.
    • 10:00 AM - Begin with Organizing Behaviors.
    • 13:00 PM - Lunch.
    • 14:30 PM - Behavioral Responsiveness & Integration.
    • 16:30 PM - Finish Up for the Day (or decide to extend it ...)


    SALES PAGE: http://www.amiando.com/MSRNFIV.html

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