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  1. Dark Angel / Guest

    Hello Everyone,

    We've occasionally expanded our content during certain worldwide sporting events to include captures from said events to allow our members easy access to the content. We would like to continue this tradition with the upcoming Winter Olympics Games, and invite everyone to participate in the matches. Please upload any content you do not already see on the site.



    - Everything must be uploaded to the Olympics category.

    - The TV capture must be HD resolution or higher (720p at minimum). If you have a 4k stream, those are welcome too. Please make sure they are properly encoded and in a readily-accesible package. x264 encodes in a mkv package should be the default choice for most of these uploads.

    - The TV capture can be your own, or it can be a scene/group release. If you are uploading a scene/group release, please label it as so in your description. All uploads must be un-RARed and have the video file readily accessible.

    - These torrents will obviously be exempt from the general site rules disallowing scene releases, x264 encodes, and network television captures. All other torrents must still adhere to the site rules.

    - This site uses the language of English as the default language, thus uploads made in English will be preferred. We have people from all over the world who use this site. Uploads of commentary in a language other than English are allowed, but it should be noted in the description as well as when you input the language of the upload.

    - Spoilers and general chat regarding the Games that may affect the viewing pleasure of others must be conducted in this thread or other sanctioned threads. DO NOT post spoilers in torrent comments.


    I would like to say this is an excellent opportunity for people to upload who might not otherwise share. Depending on the interest, there might be a prize for the person who uploads the most Olympic captures.


    BitHQ Staff
    Grugistan Saluto