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    2012. április 05.
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    Contest ends and other news

    First thing's first, after a month our upload contest is finally over. We'll count the points that people made uploading and post the winners in the contest topic. Contratulations to every one that participated.

    Second thing, the poll has been running for a while and confirmed what we already thought. English is the way to go if we want to grow as a community. As such we have created a Romanian corner, leaving the rest of the forums in English.
    There might still be some people that post in Romanian, it's going to take a while for people to get used to the change but it will happen in the end.

    We also want to remind you that there will be another week of free signups on the 23rd. This is going to be the last one we do in a while so if a friend or loved one wants in on a tv and movie tracker then they're going to have a whole week to register.

    We have recently acquired some more storage space (over 7tb) to ensure more complete TV shows are seeded permanently on an always on, high-bandwidth machine. This doesn't mean that you don't need to seed, jut that we can prolong the life of certain shows and deliver them with speed to the user.