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    2012. április 20.
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    Hope you are all ready for the February contest! It's looking like our contests will get better and better with each month! So here goes...

    How to Play:

    • Regular Members receive 1 entry per upload
    • VIP Members receive 2 entries per upload
    • Winner will be chosen randomly so the more entries you have the more likely you are to win


    • 1st Place - $50 cash sent via PayPal
    • 2nd Place - 500GB upload credit and VIP for a month
    • 3rd Place - 250GB upload credit and VIP for a week

    On a related note, this site and contest has been solely supported by the generous people who signed up for VIP and this is our little way to reward them for their contributions. The more VIP members the site has the larger the prizes will eventually become.

    Good Luck All!!