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    2012. április 05.
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    Changes to the Folder naming rules effective 2015-02-15

    We have changed the rules that govern how you name the top folder in a torrent. For music torrents, in the past the rule was Album title for the minimum. Under the new rule the minimum will now be Artist - Album title. Any torrent not in compliance with this rule and uploaded on or after 2015-02-15 is subject to trump. Torrents already on the site as of that date are not subject to trump for being out of compliance with the new rule. They are grandfathered, and will not be trumpable unless they failed to comply with the prior rule, or are completely useless in identifying the contents of the folder, which also would be a problem under the current rule.

    This means that there is no need to mass delete your torrents that don't comply with this rule. You don't have to make new torrents for your uploads unless you want to. The point of this rule is to make it easier to quickly see what material is in a torrent folder without having to investigate the files inside. It's politiness to your downloaders.

    The new recommended pattern is Artist - Album (year) [format] (version/remaster information) Please try to use this whenever possible. Note also that the rule only applies to the top folder, what you do inside of that folder has not been changed.

    Finally, we have decided to ban torrents that have top folders starting with a folder separator. These torrents violate the torrent standard, and are not supported in utorrent versions after 3.4.0, or in current versions of transmission. They are generally created by rtorrent, so if you use rtorrent to create torrents, please try to avoid this behavior. Utorrent's developers have asserted that torrents with this folder structure provide an attack vector. Because of the standards problem and the fact that major clients don't support these bad torrents, these torrents are subject to deletion, preferrably with a new version to trump the old.

    The new rules can be found in full here (view Rules section).