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    2012. április 20.
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    BTN Invite Auction #4

    We're continuing the trend of trying a new format with every auction. This month's format is a Vickrey auction. We'll be using the simple generalization in which each winner pays the price of the highest non-winning bid. Once again we're auctioning 50 invites, which means the 50 highest bidders will pay the price of the 51st highest valid bid. As usual, you must read the auction rules as well as the invite rules before bidding. Send a Staff PM before bidding if anything is unclear.

    We're also moving to a fixed schedule for future auctions. From now until we announce otherwise, auctions will be run at the end of each month.

    Auction Rules

    • Only Gurus, Masters, Torrent Celebrities are allowed to bid.

    • Your account must be at least one year old to bid.

    • To make a bid, send a Staff PM titled "Sealed Bid" with the amount of your bid.

    • Bids must be at least 15,000,000 bonus points.

    • You may bid using lumens at a rate of 1 lumen to 1,200 bonus points.

    • In the case of a tie, the bid that was submitted first wins.

    • Each member may make only one bid. Making multiple bids or changing your bid will disqualify you from winning.

    • By bidding, you agree to adhere to all of the invite rules when using your invites.

    • Each member may win only one invite.

    • The auction ends on Tuesday, June 30th 2015 at 1800 GMT.

    • If you win an invite and do not use it within 72 hours, it is forfeited.

    • Bids are binding and cannot be withdrawn after they are placed.