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    2012. április 05.
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    由于众所周知的原因,可能本站不再适合存在于国内,可能交由外籍人员打理,未来可能全面英语化,完完全全的 外站,主要管理层也由外籍人员担任。请大家现在不要到处问为什么是英文了,不能变中文了的问题 。
    具体变动还在商议中,最终决定后,会告知大家的,请大家安心下载,安心保种就行!请大家记住一点就行,任何 的变动都是为了给广大会员更好的下载环境。

    关于捐赠:之前的关于号召大家每月捐赠1元的倡议虽然有一千多人同意了,但实际捐助的只有几人,所以希望大 家如果不是穷的1元钱都没有的人,能够向网站奉献您的爱心,不要小看1元钱,人多也会产生大的力量,每人觉 得没什么用,就会真的没什么用,如果每人觉得有用,就会真的很有用,未来站里的相关最新资源速度也是由会员 的捐赠决定,毕竟这一段时间,大部分的一些资金(特别是关于资源方面的)都由管理大部分承担,而且后期会更 贵,管理组不可能完全承担,只能尽力而为,而您的小小支持可能会给网站带来很大的变化。
    之前有些人就在问,我每月捐了1元钱有什么好处,可不可以免费下载等等的,再此,我明确说明,捐助1元钱的 是没有任何回馈的,唯一的回馈就是我们对您支持的默默感谢,和网站更快的资源更新速度和最快的 下载。


    For reasons known, may no longer fit the site exists in the country, may be handed over to foreign personnel to take care of the future may be full of English, completely outside the station, the main management also held by expatriates. Now please do not ask why everywhere is in English, and can not become Chinese the issue.
    Specific changes is still under negotiation, after the final decision, will tell everyone, please feel at ease to download, ease of conservation on the line! Please keep in mind that on the line, any change is to give the general membership better download environment.

    About Donation: Before you call us about the initiative to donate one yuan per month, although there are a thousand people agreed, but only a few of the actual contributions, so I hope that if it is not the poor who do not have a dollar, it is possible to site dedication of your love, do not underestimate the dollar, many people also have great power, each person feel useless, you will really no use, if everyone feel useful it is really useful, the next station in Related resources speed is determined by the latest member of donations, after all this time, most of the some of the funds (particularly with regard to resources) are largely borne by the management, and the latter will be more expensive, can not be fully responsible for the management group, You can only do your best, and your website may give little support to bring great changes.
    Before some people asking me to donate a dollar a month what benefits can you free download, etc., and then this, I clearly stated, the donor dollar is no feedback, the only feedback is that we silently thanks for your support, and website resources faster update rate and the fastest download.

    This message is a message belongs to internal members, do not rumor.