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    2012. április 05.
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    Publisher Notice on a wave of repression who recruit again, members of conservation Members wayw

    Number of seeds we stood for a long time can not exceed 30, so we have some passion faded. Although the market is now straight into the 3800 collapse, but we still have to turn the tide and what is not. Well, I thought how suddenly jumped.
    That we are interested to join our small team HDU, quickly and manage groups Contact now! Recruit a large number repression, release, conservation!
    Keke, as a little reward yourself, magic monthly payment, however. . . This estimate long as the ability to apply to join, will not care about the magic value it! In addition, as long as a qualified small partners, we will be in when you are tired or because old habits temporarily incompetent, you can get retirement benefits, permanent security number.
    Blessings, the other, that is certainly a priority of your proposal, such as welfare grant this request, if you do not like cats and dogs too, eager to replace him, then it must be added, and then initiate a vote to kicked him! Joke, joke.
    Blessings! I hope you can come join us! After completion of this wave of recruiting, we will open a register it, continue to absorb a wave of fresh blood!
    Come to HDU glorious journey and struggle with it! Haha!