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    2012. április 20.
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    Dear friends,

    Our way to Version 1 and a proper TV/Movies tracker it's at 30%. We finished the hard part by creating the new pages : tv.php and movies.php which will results in three pages.

    Torrents.php a blank page where you can find all torrents.
    TV.php only tv
    Movies.php only movies.

    With those two new pages we will add more pages like : indexer.php for movies reviews.php for both/tv and movies schedule.php for tv and maybe in future much more.

    We create this announe not only to inform you about the development but also to remind you can tell your opinion here :
    forums.php?action=viewthread&threadid=618 regarding all new pages and if you think we need to change something at them.

    Also, in V1 will enter all your suggestion from forum and bugs and we will hope the site will be how you wanted from first time.

    We have a deadline for this and we hope from all our hear to finish it until our 1 year aniversary in 56 days.

    With respect and love,
    MTV Staff.