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  1. Dark Angel / Guest

    ass Ratio Ban on April 6th
    We are doing a mass ratio ban on April 6th, Your ratio must be above 0.70 before this time or your account will be banned!

    We have given all users with a ratio below 0.70 a warning in the top right of the screen for the past month warning them to get it above the Required Ratio so please do not say we didn't give you enough time.

    Please remember that you can cash in your "Bonus Points" for upload credits, You can do this by clicking the "Bonus Shop" button below the site logo.

    Also you earn 50MB/hour for just being in our iRC Chat room, You don't even need to chat! You can do this by using our web based irc client that can be found here, more information can be found Here

    Lastly you can also Support Us by donating, In return will give users rewards such as Upload Credit, Bonus Points, Invites and of course that warn feeling you will feel inside knowing that you supported us. More information on donating can be view Here or by sending Avtec a private message or site or on iRC.

    We hope everyone enjoys watching WrestleMania 29!