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    2012. április 05.
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    We firstly present a new gear named Timed Release System, this innovative function can fit more usage scenarios, to bring more convenience to our members!
    Now uploaders can submit torrents in advance, when the release time arrives it will be converted to a formal torrent then. After successful submission, uploader should download the generated torrent and keep seeding in time, until the completion of the entire seed life cycle, meanwhile this function can be associated with "Upcoming Release Systems", and the follow-up doesn’t need any manual intervention. For more details, please refer to the ‘Timer’ section on navigation bar.
    This system is very suitable for the scenarios when it’s inconvenient in editing or uploading resources in a certain period, such as in work, school, or on vacation, in addition, if you want to plan releasing work ahead is also recommended, and all this just only need your device remain stably online. So it can be more reasonable and more convenient to arrange the release plan, hope you can make good use of these user-friendly features and love it. The last, Happy New Year, and wish more prosperous in 2016!

    Hyperay Staff
    Dec 30, 2015