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    2012. április 05.
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    Remind formats hair problems, but also hope to publish our members play by the rules related resources, if not read, see the official species. Brief mention:

    1. Main Title Chinese ships are not allowed to appear (in particular have an English name), unless really no foreign language translation, you can use pinyin when necessary. Music resources. In particular, most still have an English name, you can see the name of CD covers and the like.

    2. subtitle need to specify what resources the convenience of the user.

    3. strictly prohibited in seeds subtitles bt other documents, marketing or promotional documents (ie delete appear species)

    4. The Big Picture Poster (poster must have, if not a poster, also need to use a screenshot of the video shots or some can be used to advertise) (Fig using bed)

    5. Video Profile

    6. The resource parameters, allow only a single set of video files posted a bunch potplay or other players can be copied out of the video information. Collection bag best learning format PureTV group. Because the original disk will appear random to change the name and version of the phenomenon repeat the question, in order to avoid duplication of resources, there must be specific BDinfo information (Please use BDInfo 0.5.8 or other software to read the complete message passing dish), no BDinfo information, We will delete treatments.

    Why are required on the form?

    This is for the convenience of our members better friend to find the resources they need, but also to better secondary species, I believe we all want their favorite resources, can long exist.

    Imagine if a non-standard naming seed after the release, even if there were a user sees downloading or seeding, but in fact there is time to stay home a few days only, then a month after that, a year after it, new friends they can no longer retrieve the resource, and as time passes it becomes dead species, nobody cares really died, so now everyone's requirements but also to long-term happiness, be sure to press the specification was released, thank you for your understanding!

    More than a brief mention, we also want to send members of species in accordance with the rules, in order to facilitate retrieval but also conducive to the layout appearance he also looked comfortable, but also hope you can understand. Another member said the new station, no need to be so strict, um, leave you to consider their own, the official is a strict requirement.