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    2016. április 14.
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    Saint Nicholas Day

    Christmas time is arriving and gifts are coming

    Today, the 6th of December, is Saint Nicholas Day. In many European countries it is tradition that Saint Nicholas, or one of his helpers, brings small presents for good kids and coal or the cane for the naughty kids. Depending on the country, the tradition can be quite freaky (looking at you, Austria).

    If you were a good boy/girl on Empornium, you get invites!

    Great Pervs get 2 invites
    Sextreme Pervs+ get 4 invites

    Please read and follow the rules on the invite page.

    We will also enable the Special Gifts feature again. This allows you to send gifts of bonus points to random users, with some parameters you can set up. Want to bail out someone who can't seed enough? You got it. Prefer to reward uploaders? You also got it. Or anything in between. Keep a look out for it and get into that Christmas spirit.

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