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    September Newsletter 2021

    So welcome to September 2021. The world is still in a funny place, who knows when 'normal' will be normal again.

    We again, ask you all to look after you your family and friends.

    So just a few issues and reminders.....


    We are again having issues with Gmail on site.

    Staff recommend that you change your mail account if it is gmail. If you do not and have account issues, then we will not be able to help.

    Members have asked if there is a recommendation for an alternative, currently we can suggest protonmail.

    U2B labelling

    We have looked at this before and currently this is where we are..


    Passwords over 2 years old

    We can announce, that this issue is slowly being resolved. As mentioned before, if you log on and have been found to have a Password over 2 years old, your account will recieve restrictions.

    We are still getting a backlash from members who claim there is no need for this. As a member, you sign up to the site and abide with our rules.

    We always look after the site and work to the best solutions for the site. Period.

    If your Password is over 2 Years old, it must be updated

    Request Rules: Update

    We ONLY have 3 Requirements:- Description, Non-Hotlinked Image & More Info Link.

    Missing any of the above Requirements = 4 Week Warning

    Strike 1 = 4 Week Warning and YOU have 48 hours from the date of your Warning to Edit your Request and Add the Required Information, after that time your Request shall be Deleted
    Strike 2 = 4 Week Warning and your Request shall be Deleted
    Strike 3 = 4 Week Warning and your Request shall be Deleted and your Request Privileges shall be Permanently Revoked

    If you’ve received a Warning pertaining to Missing Information then YOU have 48 hours from the date of your Warning to Edit your Request and Add the Required Information.

    If you cannot make the Required Edits due to User Class Restrictions or someone has Added to the Bounty then please PM to Staff and they'll add the info for you.

    If after 48 hours you've not made the Required Edits or PM' to Staff the Missing Information, then your Request shall simply be DELETED.


    We are having a upgrade in Staff positions and would like to hear from any one who is interested in joining the site as First Line Support, to consolidate this.

    If you think you have something to give or add to the site, please reach out
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