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    2016. április 14.
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    Site Data Poll

    Further to our last announcement, we would like to now ask our users to vote on what we should do with site data. For starters, to alleviate any concern, the developer we are working with is from a top tier private tracker and shares our view that everyone’s security is priority number one. All data collection will be done by a long-term staff member, who will automate the collection, store it securely and it will be kept internal until it is needed.

    If it is chosen that we rebuilt MTV, we are confident we can add back all the current torrents and users. Regaining your account is being worked on; it is possible our system will email you to perform a password reset. We can also try to rebuild the forum, requests and collages, but we cannot guarantee that at this time. Things we 100% cannot collect are torrent descriptions, private messages and passwords.

    Now before you vote, here is an update on what we have accomplished so far. We have a gazelle based test site up, it is being debugged and the code is being adapted for TV & Movies. Once the site is complete, what route we go greatly depends on our users participating in this poll so please vote and share your option in the comments.


    Poll link